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KC Cassi Chats with Walking Corpse Syndrome then Reviews 'Alive in Desolution'

As a pretty morbid person myself, receiving news I would be interviewing a band called Walking Corpse Syndrome pretty much made my day! On top of that when I heard this metal band from Montana was packing two drummers and a violinist I was very intrigued. I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Matthew Bile, Guitarist for Walking Corpse Syndrome, and ask all the questions I and the listeners wanted to know!

Known for an intense live show and unconventional instrumentation, including two full drumsets

and violin, the current lineup for Walking Corpse Syndrome includes Leif Winterrowd (vocals),

Matthew Bile (guitar), Ryan Kromdar (guitar/bass), William Sludge (bass/violin), Nocktis

(drums), and Mr. Grimm (drums).

On March 29, 2013,Walking Corpse Syndrome self-released Alive in Desolation, which was

recorded November and December 2012 at Amplified Wax Studio in Spokane Washington.

Previous albums include Forsaken (2008), and Narcissist (2010).

Atmospheric death metal with two drummers and sometimes a violin.

KCC: Does the band name stem from the medical disease term?
MB: Yes. We were searching to find a name that really fit the band and this stuck out to us. It really defines how people think they are lacking something when they really have the power to do anything they want. 

KCC: Is everyone in the band a Metalhead, or would some of the things you guys listen to surprise your fans?
MB: Most of us are straight metal guys but Sludge is probably the least metal and will listen to all kinds of genres. 

KCC: What is the best show you've played so far?
MB: You know, our shows keep getting better but I think the Halloween show we played in Columbia Falls, MT was one of the best. The crowd loved us and kept requesting encores!

KCC: When it comes to gear, are you loyal to any brands?
MB: The drummers are probably the most loyal, and picky. It just comes down to what gear is good and bad for our sound. The Fender name has it's place in our band for sure.

KCC: Who writes your songs?
MB: Ryan, he is the "mad riffs genius"!  He never plays the same thing twice so he will just come in with a riff and the rest of the band kind of follows him. Leif writes 95% of the lyrics but he tend to write novels in pre-production, then we go through and dwindle it down.

KCC: If you could play any venue and have any band open up for you, where would it be and which band would it be?
MB: We would definitely love to play the Wilma Theater in Missoula and have Lamb of God open for us. Even if we just played on the same stage as them, that would be an honor.

KCC: What is your ultimate goal for your music? Is it fame and fortune?
MB: Really, just making it to the next level and being as good as we possibly can. "Fame and Fortune" gets you sidetracked and being from Montana the chances of "making it big" are slim. We just love to play. 

KCC: How has your music evolved since the creation of the band?
MB: We started out as a two-piece simply because finding members was pretty hard. The first goal was more of an Industrial Metal but I like where we have taken the music now.

KCC: What are your thoughts on today's main stream metal?
MB: I am definitely not the authority on this subject but Metal is always pushing to be more extreme. What you hear on the radio today, is not Metal anymore. So much good music comes out Metal musicians but it comes down to targeting the people who care.

KCC: If you were able to sit under a table and listen to any two people speak, dead or alive, who would it be?
MB: My two Kurts: Kurt Cobain and Kurt Vonnegut. The different views of the world they would have would shed some light.

KCC: What song do you remember most from your childhood?
MB: 'Heart Shaped Box' Nirvana. I would have to sneak to watch it on  MTV and it completely changed me. When I saw it I wanted to become a singer instantly. 

KCC: What do you want people to know about Walking Corpse Syndrome?
MB: Musically, we have two drummers and a violin. We want people to know that you can do anything yourself and provide empowerment to all of our fans and followers. 

KCC: Do you want to give special thanks to anyone?
MB: Kronus Kustoms! They really took us under their wing and showed us how to be more successful musicians and hold true to good morals. 

KCC: Any final words?
MB: Support local music and check out Walking Corpse Syndrome!

Alive in Desolution Review
This is probably my favorite track on the entire EP. It starts out will really dirty, heavy and true to the metal sound, by the end of the song you will have gone on a journey of all things metal. The distortion really makes it sound creepy and leads you into the core of the song. By 1:30 I was completely in love with the song. And for those non-metal fans who say they can't understand what the singers are yelling, this is the song that you would want to listen to first. At the end of the song I chuckled a little bit when they sing "forever" because it reminded me of the sandlot!
I was really digging the tones in this track. This is one of those metal tracks that really gets you pumped up and ready! I also love that, for a metal band with two drummers, they don't overdo the double bass. While the song had a bit of a Tool mainstream sound, it was still an all-around good listen.

This song is definitely more of an atmospheric metal song, and honestly sounds a bit like a Korn song. Simple instrumentals, creepy tones, and the heavy vocals really make this a good song for radio play for a metal band. Very cool, somber breakdown around 2:20 that slowly builds up to an epic groove, complete with a hauntingly beautiful violin!

This track really surprised me with a bit of a rockabilly groove to it. Again, I rarely picture a violin in a metal band but these guys really know how to incorporate the sound too really mesh with the metal tones they're going for. It's definitely a song I would love to see on a horror or thriller movie soundtrack!

After hearing all of the cool tones and sounds that this band can really produce in one of their songs, I was kind of disappointed by this track. It was a true to metal song with a lot of good riffs but overall I was kind of bored with it after hearing all of the other songs. It's got a very catchy riff and the lyrics are well written, but I feel it fell short to some of the other tracks on the EP.

Pushing the Grey
The disappointment didn't last too long after this track started I was back on the bandwagon. I loved the much deeper lyrics, as well as the really dirty intense chorus. At this point in the EP, I really started to feel like Walking Corpse Syndrome was the music child of Drowning Pool and Korn. While a lot of other metal people might think this is a bit too mainstream, I feel like this is an innovative EP to get people who might not listen to metal into the music.  It really does have a track for everybody.

The Individualist
This is probably my second favorite track on the EP. It starts heavy and stays heavy and really makes you want to pump your fist and whip your hair around. Quick and angry lyrics really complement the heavy instrumentals and gets you pumped up!

Walking Sacrifice

This track will take you back to the heavier atmospheric metal sound. I really like the difference in the vocal style in this track compared to every other song on the EP. You can tell these guys are very diverse in their sound and have their sound down at that. Quite a few of the bands I review are still finding their sound, but you can tell walking corpse syndrome has it in the bag. While they are labeled as metal, they really bring all kinds of different sounds and tones to your ears while you're listening. I fully intend on getting this band down to Kansas City for show! It's rare you'll find a metal band with two drummers in a violin player, so do yourself a favor and go check out walking corpse syndrome now!

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-KC Cassi