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They came, they saw, they conquered.......BREAKING EVEN!!


So one of our own, Blazin J from The Manic Metal Show sits down with Breaking Even. As they get a little more in depth with getting to know each other, we learn some great things about the band. Enjoy guys.

 Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?

Ben- I think the first one for me was probably Green Day. In terms of anything heavier, I know I first got Korn - Issues. After that it was Disturbed - The Sickness, then Slipknot - Iowa. Slipknot was huge to me. I remember my mom not being too pleased with me blaring The Heretic Anthem while I was a 4th grader at a Catholic Elementary school.

 How long have you guys been playing music?                                                                                                                                                                      

Ben- I've dabbled with stuff since I was 3, but I didn't get really into playing until about 4th grade on guitar and 6th grade on drums.

You guys recently released your debut album ‘Before The Story Ends’ to the world and it is getting airplay on a couple different station’s, ours being one of them and we personally love it. How has the response from your fans been so far from the album? And what is the message behind it?                                                                                                                                                                      

Ben- It's been really overwhelming. I think we accomplished what we set out to do, which was really shock people. I don't think anyone expected us to lay this on them. We've had people from all over the world writing us about it and posting it, even having a kid from Brazil upload a couple of drum covers to YouTube. It's really surprising. I don't know that there is really a message necessarily when it comes to the album. I know it was written out of total frustration, and I think it does a good job of expressing that. Lyrically it deals a lot with moving on and transitioning, which is what we did with it. We reached a point where we knew that we had to get serious with it and really do something that could stand the test of time, and we saw now as the chance to do just that, so we had to take it. The whole album for me is basically us breaking out of our shell and moving on from what we used to be.

 Are you guys planning to tour for this album at all?                                                                                                           

Ben- We've been talking to a lot of band-friends and are slowly beginning to get something going. The simplest answer is yes, we are planning to tour on this album. Whether or not those plans become reality is yet to be seen. We are organizing everything ourselves, so there are a lot of variables involved.

 Where do you guys see Breaking Even in five years?              

Ben- Hopefully onto a 3rd album and with a lot more experience and popularity.

Do you guys prefer boxers or briefs? And why?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Ben- I know our fearless leader prefers the birthday suit, but aesthetically I prefer boxers, though I find briefs far more practical. I personally drum in a thong. The mobility is unmatched.

What are your go to drinks at the bar? Whiskey, beer, rum, vodka or all of the above?        

Ben- Screwdrivers and long islands. All day, err day.

  What bands are you guys listening to at the moment besides the new Breaking Even album? 

Ben- I live in the past and am rarely up to date on new music, so I'm still rocking Three Days Grace - One X a lot. As far as what CD's are in my car currently, they would be Frank Turner - Tape Deck Heart, Sidewise - Made of Matches, Otherwise - True Love Never Dies, Slipknot - Iowa, and War of Ages - Supreme Chaos. I'm definitely waiting for the new Slipknot, Evalyn Awake, and Breaking Benjamin albums. Those will be high on my list as soon as they drop.

  Last but not least…… you prefer a dry or wet chicken choking session?    

Ben- Slightly damp and lukewarm.

Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?

DJ-Black Sabbath, Nine Inch Nails, Clutch, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, Staind, Meshuggah

How long have you guys been playing music?                                                                                                                                                                      

DJ-As a band? About 2 years or so.  Personally, since I was 12.

You guys recently released your debut album ‘Before The Story Ends’ to the world and it is getting airplay on a couple different station’s, ours being one of them and we personally love it. How has the response from your fans been so far from the album? And what is the message behind it?                                                                                                                                                                      

DJ-There is no message behind the album necessarily. Musically, the album is a collaboration of ideas and the result of several different heads intentionally writing out of the normal comfort zone.  We wanted to end up with something new and different from what we are used to writing, and I think we did.  We felt re-invented through and after the writing and recording process.
Lyrically, overall, the album is about introspection.  Most of the songs either express thoughts and emotions in the first person perspective, or project self-reflection through a general character. 

I think our fans enjoy the new Breaking Even.  The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

  Are you guys planning to tour for this album at all?                                                                                                           

DJ-Yes.  We don’t have any details, however.  We have no record label and no management to do the planning for us, so it will take more time to square away the details.

Where do you guys see Breaking Even in five years?  

DJ-   Bigger, better, and balder.           

Do you guys prefer boxers or briefs? And why?

DJ-Good question.  Neither.  I’ve ranted about this very topic to my band mates several times.  I think wearing underwear is stupid and pointless unless you’re are engaging in some kind of athletics.  It serves no purpose other than to exist as this ancillary piece of cloth that is restrictive and downright uncomfortable.  I stopped wearing underwear only a couple years ago.  My only regret is that I hadn’t stopped sooner. 

What are your go to drinks at the bar? Whiskey, beer, rum, vodka or all of the above?  
DJ-Screwdriver is my number one, although you can’t get good OJ at a bar, typically.  A good bloody mary can really hit the spot, too.  But for playing a set, I go with a shot of whiskey if anything.  

What bands are you guys listening to at the moment besides the new Breaking Even album?

DJ-I love prog rock and metal so I’ve been all over Meshuggah, Tesseract, Monuments, Karnivool, Intronaut and stuff like that.  Basically shit that is not always easy to nod your head to haha.

 Last but not least…… you prefer a dry or wet chicken choking session?

DJ-I’d have to go with the quick and dirty dry route.  Get in, get out, move on with your life.  That’s my philosophy.

Who were some of your biggest musical influences growing up?

Pete- I bounced around a lot growing up. My melodic elements were very much influenced from
pop punk influences. I spent a lot of time listening to bands like Saosin, Story Of The Year, and
Avenged Sevenfold when I was around 12 or 13. I progressed into heavier music when I started
high school and starting listening to a lot of Slipknot, Korn, All That Remains, and bands in that
vein. I’ve stepped off the gas since then, and have really come into bands like Breaking
Benjamin, Alter Bridge, and Sevendust. Breaking Benjamin has always been a huge one for
myself, and I know that of all the influences we share, I believe that one is the most common
between all of us. I enjoy the bands who can blend the melodic elements of music over heavy
rhythms. It’s different, and I like it.

How long have you guys been playing music?

Pete- Ben and I have been playing together off and on since we were probably 11 or 12 years old.
As far as this band goes, we starting actually playing together in late 2011. We had a bunch of
old ideas we wanted to use, so they became an excuse to jam together all summer while we
tried to figure out who Breaking Even really was.

You guys recently released your debut album ‘Before The Story Ends’ to the world and it is
getting airplay on a couple different station’s, ours being one of them and we personally love it.
How has the response from your fans been so far from the album? And what is the message
behind it?

Pete- The response has been great so far. It’s rewarding when you spend as much time as we did
putting it together and really pushing ourselves to the limits and you get to hear people tell you
about how much they love this song, or how they listen to it front to back everyday. Just knowing
that someone, somewhere is enjoying our album really makes it worthwhile for myself. The
message behind it personally, is what I’ve always called the ‘rebirthingstage.
It’s almost a journey of trying to really find out who you are. Each song will take you through one of the emotions that a person may face in really searching themselves to discover who they really are.

Are you guys planning to tour for this album at all?

Pete- We just finished doing a small run in Missouri, and we have ideas in the works for a possible
tour in the next few months. Currently I can’t give any other info right now, but we are currently
working on one.

Where do you guys see Breaking Even in five years?

Pete- That’s a little tough to answer. Ideally, in 5 years this has become my career. This is my
fulltime gig. I think one of the biggest reasons I started doing this was because I have the
opportunity to not only travel the US, but I get the chance to meet and work with so many great
people. I guess in 5 years, I want to be traveling and helping expand the Breaking Even Universe.

Do you guys prefer boxers or briefs? And why?

Pete- Some of us prefer none. Personally, I wear a hybrid style boxer/brief. Helps protect against
chafing and maximizes comfort.

What are your go to drinks at the bar? Whiskey, beer, rum, vodka or all of the above?

Pete- I think anyone in the band will tell you that I am the beer drinker. I’m a beer and whiskey kind
of guy. I definitely drink the most beer in the group, but also enjoy the occasional whiskey sour
here and there, but nothing beats an ice cold beer. It can change from night to night. I try not to
mix the two together too much.

What bands are you guys listening to at the moment besides the new Breaking Even album?

Pete- I’m actually going back and listening to some older records like Saosin’s Selftitled
album and Avenged Sevenfold’s Waking the Fallen record. These were big for me, and it’s a lot fun
taking a step back in time to listen to the records that really pushed you musically, and see how
far you’ve come from that.

Last but not least…… you prefer a dry or wet chicken choking session?

Pete- Wet.



Monday, September 29, 2014

3PM: A Pop Punk Band on the Rise!

With their sophomore album "Slow Me Down" being released this past August, 3PM members Brandon, Scottt and Brennan continue to enjoy the long but satisfying ride to the top! Their pop punk sound is reminiscent to that of Blink 182 but with their own personal, homegrown twist. With their members ranging in age from 16-22, their youth, if not their passion for their music, will keep our ears immersed in the pop punk sounds of 3PM for years to come! I Do What I Want Radio had the esteemed pleasure of conducting an interview with the guys of 3PM. Check out what they had to say:

Your band has been on the rise ever since it was formed about 2 years ago. Tell us, what's it like in a day in the life of 3PM?
          Well we wake up at 8:00am to a call from our manager to talk about everything that needs accomplished that day.  Then we get to work!  On good days we have time to breathe, eat and sleep. 
Just by listening to your music, we can tell that you've been influenced by a few different bands. Which one do you think is the most influential and why?
          Blink 182!  Fo’ Sho.  They’re the reason two of us started playing music in the first place and they’re still one of our favorite bands.  It was definitely them that got us to follow the sacred path of pop punk.
There's a 6 year age difference between Scott and Brandon. Does the fact that you differ in age ever create any problems for you guys?
          It can make our marriage difficult at times.  But love conquers all.
It must be hard to balance school, relationships, touring and playing gigs all at the same time. I know I couldn't handle it. How in the world do you guys do it?
          That’s actually what “Slow Me Down” is about!  We’ve been doing it for a couple years now and at first it was very difficult but now it’s become such a part of our lives that it’s second nature.  And coffee.  Lots of coffee.
Your second album "Slow Me Down" has been getting all kinds of positive reviews, not to mention that it's getting people to check out your debut album "Change of Plans". How does it feel to know that you are on your way to becoming that pop punk band that will one day influence others to share their music with the world?
          Well that’s a humbling thought.  Thanks for the vote of confidence!  We really enjoy doing this and we’re putting our all into it.  If in the future we do reach that point then it will be nothing short of a dream come true.  That’s exactly what we’re after.
Tell us, what's the craziest thing that's ever happened to you guys while either playing a gig or being out on tour? Don't worry, you don't have to censor yourselves for us!
          So while we were on stage one time, a tornado literally touched down right next to the venue.  This was in Hagerstown, MD by the way.  We had to stop and turn off all the power and lock ourselves in and hide away.  Then when it was over we were in the crazy world ruled by this powerful man named oz.  We met some crazy characters along the way!  There was this lion who was such a little girl.  And a Tin dude who just wanted a heart.  And a really dense scarecrow.  Turns out, we had what we wanted all along<3
Brandon, you've been playing the drums for close to 15 years now! What made you pick up those drum sticks for the first time?
          When I was in 4th grade everyone in my school was forced to picked up an instrument.  I was always hyper and very physical and had no interest in anything else so I took the drumming test!  They had cuts too, in 4th grade…everyone wanted to play drums and we only had four.  Well I was a natural because I scored highest on both the written and performing test!  Plus I had just gotten into blink 182 and Travis was my hero.  I ran with it from there!
Scott, you're the youngest of the group. Do you ever have any trouble getting permission from your parents to get to those late night shows?
          Believe it or not, no! My parents have usually been pretty good about it, and if I get home after midnight on a weekday it’s not the end of the world. However, some venues are less lenient! We’ve been turned down shows in the past due to my age.
Brennan, your voice is like a crazy mix between Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus and Jesus! Have you had any vocal training or do you learn by listening to the bands that influenced you most?
I’ve never had any real vocal training! Thanks for the compliments though! I’m self taught for the most part on any instrument I play. Singing came kind of naturally to me. I listen to a wide variety of bands in and outside 3PM’s genre, so I draw inspiration from many of those bands. And between you and me, no one has ever seen Tom DeLonge, Mark Hoppus, Jesus and I in the same room.
You guys were amazing in the Vans Warped Tour this year! We see that you're campaigning to be in the VWT again next year. If you had to speak directly to the coordinator of the VWT, why should they choose YOU?
          KEVIN LYMAN! If you’re reading this, you should absolutely have us on the Vans Warped Tour next year because we represent the same culture, values, and style that the tour was founded on.  We have a strong DIY ethic, we’re all about hard work and having a good time the good ol’ fashioned pop punk way!
You guys like to have fun on stage and that makes for a great show. But what do you guys do for fun in the little free time you have?
          Videogames!  Work out.  Eat.  Watch family guy and south park! Mess with our manager Nathan. 
Your album "Slow Me Down" is made up of songs that are about your personal experiences. What's one personal experience that's not on your album that you feel has shaped 
you guys as a band?
          Now that we think about it, we don’t have a song about our friendship.  Which probably is most responsible for shaping us into what we are now.  That’s just the vibe we give off, three stupid friends chasing dreams.  It’s because we’re so close that we have this chemistry that gives us our songs and our shows and our image.  So that!
Inquiring minds want to know: who's single and who's not?
          Who’s asking? ;)
The story behind your band name, 3PM, is a closely guarded secret. Does it stand for 3 Punk Masters? Can you give us a hint?!
          The 3 stands for a 3
What would you like to say to the fans that you're racking up all over the world?
                Thank you for being a fan!  If we could we’d cuddle with you all!

Write up done by Dwayne Drayton

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meet Kala Masters

"We've recently had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Kala Masters. Her sultry sound and passionate lyrics make her an artist to look out for. When IDWIW Radio wanted to know more about her, this is what she had to say"

1. Word on the street is that you taught yourself how to play the guitar. What made you decide to pick it up for the first time?

When I was 8 I wanted to start a 70's band with my friend on the drums and sister on the keyboard. None of us actually knew how to play instruments, or had any, so I begged my parents for a guitar. I took about 4 lessons then got bored with it and gave up my lifelong dream of starring in an oldies band. I didn't think about my guitar again until I heard the song Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. I just remember thinking the guitar sounded so beautiful that I needed to learn to play it myself.

2. When I first heard your music, the first word that came to mind was "sultry". Usually, an artist your age wouldn't be described as such. Where does the passion come from?

I draw a lot of influence from Lana Del Rey's music. I absolutely love her voice and lyrics. When I write my music I rarely focus it on things in my life because I'm only 17 so I don't have much experience. Instead, a lot of the material in my songs are things I've seen in the media. I'm also not a big fan of talking so singing is my way of expressing my thoughts and opinions.

3. "Come With Me" is set to be the first single you release after production. What inspired you to write this particular song and how would you like the world to receive it?

I didn't want to write a typical song about love and life, I wanted to write something more interesting--a song that would take you on a journey. Once I had the first line down the rest basically wrote itself. When I listen to the song it makes me want to Interpretive dance through a beach into the sunset. I suppose that's how I want people to receive it.

4. I've listened to your songs and you have a very nice range. Have you had any vocal training or is all this incredible talent natural?

I actually only started singing a little over a year ago. It was a surprise to myself and every one else. I never knew I could sing. I haven't had vocal coaching, my producer has helped me a bit but I've learned the most from listening to the voices of other artists like Lana Del Rey and Adele.

5. What kind of artist do you see yourself becoming in the future?

I'm really open to anything. I could see my self in front of twenty thousand people with back up dancers and fireworks or in front of ten people at a bar.

6. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like someone that's currently on the radio?

Haha yes actually. Every one who's commented to me on my songs has said exactly that and it continues to surprise me.

7. You're a beautiful young woman and talented singer/songwriter. If I was asked to describe what you do and who you are, what would you want me to say?

Honestly I don't know what I would call myself. I'm just a normal girl following her passion.

8. I Do What I Want Radio set up your first show for you. What was it like sharing your music on stage?

It was certainly different than anything I've ever experienced. I've never sang in front of many people before so I really enjoyed getting to share my music with more people.

9. As I said before, you're beautiful so the guys are going to be crawling all over as your name gets out there. Do you have a message for them before they even bother approaching you?

I'm pretty quiet so I'm not used to all the attention. But I say bring it on.

10. One last thing: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Thanks for supporting me, it means a lot. And I love performing for you!

Contact Info:

Write up by: Dwayne Drayton

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kontrolled Substance, local Kansas City based business. BLOWING UP!


Kontrolled Substance is not a DRUG it's a LIFESTYLE! SUCCESS comes in many unique forms. Kontrolled Substance is portrayed as what you want and need in your life. Whatever GOAL, ASPIRATION, or OVERALL ACCOMPLISHMENTS you want is what your ADDICTION should be. Success is a drug that should be depended upon. Looking for SUCCESS???? Let us be your dealer!!!!

Q: What do you admire and what do you take from that to put in the founders/leadership of KS?
A:  I admire the people who go after whatever they want and stick with it. Goals and ambition is something I always want to have. That is something I have used to mold Kontrolled Substance into what it has become.
As far as leadership goes we try to be good people and people love us, we don’t know why they just do. We go out and we are ourselves and don’t give the attitude or arrogance people expect. I am my own person as are my partners. We all like different things but we have a lot in common and we all take charge in some way. There are times we get overwhelmed and slack off but we got each other to put ourselves in check and get back on the grind.
 Q: Do you believe in the product the company provides and why?
A: I believe in the product because it is something that everyone can relate to. Success is something everyone wants in some way. To have a brand that can do that and remain fashionable was always the goal, and it seems to be doing well in both areas.

Q: Is the culture and environment a good fit for your personality/work style?
A:It actually is, we gain inspiration from everywhere. Music is a good example of where we get or muse from. I like to think collections like albums. We work with different graphic designers each time and it’s a new theme for every season and has a new story to tell. I also never want to bring out something I would never wear myself. It has to be a part of you in everything that you do. I will say that it opens me up to be more open to new things.
Q: The company has had impressive traction/success, what makes you want to be better than yesterday?
A: Honestly it’s being humble. We go out and we see people wearing it and they don’t even know we created it. That pushes us to say ok how we can one up that. We never get comfortable and feel like we made it. The brand would never stand true if we rode the wave of one high so to speak. Eventually there will be a low point but I hope it’s no time soon. With anything it takes work and dedication, from the looks of it if we keep it up we will be here for a while.
Q: We always ask one silly question at the end, So if you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

A: Man I would say Chipotle. We LOVE that place. Heaven in a bowl haha. If that place ever closes I don’t know what we would do haha.
Twitter: @ksubstance
Facebook: kontrolledsubstance

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311's SA Martinez Launches New Side-Project, Los Stellarians; PART 1

Release First Single “Didn’t I” July 24

Los Angeles, Calif., July 24—SA Martinez (vocalist / DJ of 311) and musician/producer Ryan Siegel have joined forces as Los Stellarians. Los Stellarians’ debut album Cholo Soul (out 8/26) is a collection of covers of soul songs from the ‘70s - and a tribute to some unheralded masters of classic soul and funk. Martinez curated the project and is lead vocalist. Siegel handled recording and production along with rhythm guitar, bass, keys and backing vocals.

"In many ways, this has been a dream album," Martinez admits. "I've always wanted to do a covers record of songs that inspire me on a soul-enriching level. There was a definite focus in mind, which was to cover some of the more underplayed sides of the American Soul canon. 

"I've been an avid vinyl collector for many years and it's allowed me to discover some hidden gems that never really received the attention they deserved,” he continues. “All of the artists covered on the album are stars in my eyes and the songs of theirs, which we chose, to me are hits.”

The first single, “Didn’t I,” is an inspired cover of late soul singer Darondo’s 1973 classic. Martinez fell in love with it the first time he heard it.

“It's the type of song to cast a spell on a listener to want to hear it over and over again,” he says. “Mesmerizing is an understatement. I would literally play it non-stop on repeat night after night. When the idea of Los Stellarians came about, “Didn't I” was the very first track I thought about taking on.”

Besides touring and recording with 311, who are currently on a 37-date U.S. summer tour in support of their new album Stereolithic, Martinez also has plans to follow up the Los Stellarians covers debut with a collection of soulful originals later this year. Los Stellarians have landed with el mas chingon— Cholo Soul.

Click on the links for video intro clip & single:

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Adaptive Sports KC!!

JS: How did you get Adoptive Sports KC started, and what’s your passion behind it?

MH: I started Adaptive Sports KC after a year of being a competitive adaptive athlete. I had met Oscar Loreto Jr. at the Extremity Games 8 in San Marcos Texas. We competed in Skateboarding Elite against each other.

He had invited me to another event/competition in Venice Beach California called Life Rolls On/Shoe City Open. It was there I begin to see this huge need for adaptive sports programs. I was still new to Adaptive sports at the time so, I did a lot of volunteer work with Midwest Adaptive Sports. Teaching people how to ski and snowboard. I am currently on the Board of Directors for MAS and since they are more focused on the winter sports programs I felt the need to start a Spring/Summer/Fall group.

JS: In what different ways are you getting the word out there about ASK?

MH: Mainly word of mouth at the moment. We have been traveling a lot helping and supporting other organizations with like minded goals and missions. The more awareness that we provide the general public, the better our programs can be. However you have to be careful. Looking at it from a business stand point, you can’t over saturated the market. You have to have a strong core or foundation to build upon.

JS: What is your vision with ASK, where would you like to see it in 5 years?

MH: My vision for ASK is to provide our community with a solid adaptive sports program. To build long lasting memories with our participants. To make sure that the community provides the same support with these athletes, as they would your conventional sports. There is so many possibilities for anyone, and I mean anyone to reach for the stars and achieve anything they desire. However someone has to know what they want and need and that is where we come in.

I would like to see us become a hub. And by that I mean we are centrally located. It makes it easier for families to travel to us for the support and training their prospective athlete needs. It also makes it just as easy for us to travel to them. It’s all about support and showing them that they matter to us. So to go national and hopefully have training center for adaptive athletes.

JS: Are there any limits to join?

MH: There absolutely is no limit to be a part of ASK. There are many "specialized groups" which are very needed in some cases, however we want to provide everyone the social interaction with no exclusion. We invite everyone. Whether you have a disability or not. That way we are breaking down the walls of segregation. It helps build confidence. If you are exposed to things like different disabilities, then it’s no longer weird. When people don’t see you any differently, you feel like you are a part of something bigger. We are not our disability. We are everyday people.

JS: How can outside people get involved in ASK?

MH: Get a hold of us. We have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Website. Come out and volunteer. Interact with the participants. There is nothing greater or more fulfilling than seeing someone who has been told they cant, realize they can and will. Best feeling ever.

JS: How can people donate to ASK, what are your major needs for the program?

MH:  People can donate directly if they want. We havea donation page through Rockethub. However if they need the Tax deduction they need to donate through our Umbrella Sponsor Midwest Adaptive Sports. We are currently waiting on our 501c3 approval from the IRS. Funding is our current need. We have been working overtime and taking extra jobs to fund ASK. Since we travel a lot we could also use gift or gas cards. Anything to help us get to our next destination.

JS: Are there any negative people with what you're trying to do, if so what do you do to overcome the "nay sayers"?

MH: There are always negative people in anything you are doing. The biggest challenge is staying focused on what we are doing. There are other people doing it their way and we will continue to do it our way. We are not a large organization, However we are a core group based in Kansas City with supporters and coaches across the US, that are passionate about making the future a better place for everyone. We will not let anyone stop us or lose sight of why we are doing this.

JS: Last but not least, if you could pick one song to describe your life what would it be and why?

MH: Wow, that’s a hard one. I think I would have to pick MGK-Chasing Pavements. It kind of talks about the struggles of growing up, not knowing your place and everyone wanting you to be something that you’re not. Everyone has this false sense of what success is an how to get there. I seriously believe that we can accomplish anything. It only takes you dreaming it and working hard for it. Doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, but it will be worth it.

Donation page-

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tim "The Godfather" Stubbs

    Well at I Do What I Want Radio, we have a Street Team like many other stations to get the word out on the streets about what’s going on. We wanted to take a different approach when it came to this, if there was someone who enjoyed the station who was in “No mans land”. Why couldn’t they get the benefits like someone else that is doing hard online social media work.

    Now even though the person you are about to meet is in our HQ of Kansas City, Missouri. This person shows what it takes to get the job done.

“The Godfather”

JS: So Tim let's give everyone a chance to get to know you. Why are you "The Godfather" of the I Do What I Want Radio Street Team?

 So basically I am The Godfather because I was one of the first people that  was asked to start the street team when we started. And being I am one of the most active and dedicated members I got nicknamed The Godfather. 

JS: How Committed to the team are you, what drives you?

 Ahhh the dedication. I consider myself fully dedicated to street team as well as the station itself. At any given time you can find me telling someone new about us and what we do. It's a lot of fun and the different people you meet is amazing. Also because I feel people have such a deep connection with music like I do, it makes my job a little easier not counting a the concerts I get to see and everything I’m involved in.

JS: How do you find it best to promote the station, events, and concerts?

I feel one of the best ways to promote is just get out and talk to people. I have been spreading the news since before we launched over almost 2 years ago. And I tell everyone about the station. Usually people I know hear I am a part of the station and they ask me what it is all about. So I tell them we play every genre of music so everyone can listen and enjoy. I use Facebook a lot too but just getting out and passing out fliers and talking to people seems to travel faster.

JS: What do you normally tell people about the station that has never heard of I Do What I Want Radio?

I tend to tell people the same thing. Basically we are an internet radio station that plays something for everyone. If there is something you want played drop us a line. Or if you are a musician, send us your music. We play what people want to hear without repeating the same 20 songs all day and night. 

JS: What does it mean to you to have Street Team ethics?

Street team ethics to me is respecting the name and being on point when we are out at events and concerts. Yes we like to have fun but we also like to work. It's all about passion. If you aren't passionate about what you do you will never enjoy it. 

JS: Last but not least Godfather, how many golf balls can fit into a 747?

32,174 golf balls will fill a 747. (Laughing) But on a serious note, which is rare from most of us, I enjoy being a part of I Do What I Want Radio and the street team. I have met a bunch of awesome people and feel like I am part of the family. And if you haven't gave us a listen The Godfather will find you and have you dealt with appropriately. 

JS: With all do respect I’m thinking you used Google or Bing to help with the 747 question, lol. But if you have read this and you find yourself wanting to be a little more involved in the Station, or in the Street Team please let us know.