Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For the Broken - Aurora EP Review - Bouncy Metal for your Body

Post Hardcore Rockers from Fredericksburg, Virginia, For the Broken, released their latest EP Aurora earlier this year and I was lucky enough to receive it for a review. If you are a fan of bands like Issues, then you are definitely going to enjoy this listen! On December 3rd they just released their new single too so check out their Facebook page to stay up to date!

I really like the synths with the double bass, it really kind of gives you an opening to what the For the Broken sound is! This is typically the type of metal and rock that I'm attracted to because it incorporates melodies with the yelling. The breakdown about two minutes in is sick and kind of reminds me of Issues. However, while they carry a similar sound to Issues you can tell For the Broken is more focused on their metal sound.

This is probably my favorite track on the EP. I really love the dynamics with the instrumentals and the vocals. It is definitely a song that seeps into your bones and make sure whole entire body move. The lyrics and melodies are very catchy which is great for getting people in the audience to sing-along with you. I really love the lyrics in the song and I caught myself singing this song days after I listened to the album.

On Your Own
 The electronic metal sound with the melodic pop vocals really complement each other well and appeals to so many different kinds of genres. I am actually slightly disappointed I was not aware of this Band until now! This track is really nice builds and doesn't overdo it with the double bass! The pop punk style vocals are a perfect overlay to the track, as well with the entire EP.

This song is definitely heavier with instrumentals but has very catchy riffs. It is songs like this that are so bouncy and metal that really make me excited to do reviews. You forget for a second you are reviewing an album and just enjoy the music in your ears.

The Dawning
I like this track because I have a bit of old-school metal mixed with little bit of the electronic tones. This is also a song I would love to see a video made for because of the dynamics and the sound you could do so much visually with it! I absolutely have to catch these guys live after reviewing their EP. I have not given a five star review in over a year but For the Broken deserves it with this release! If you're a fan of killer breakdowns, a little electronic sound, and a lot of powerful vocals this is that EP to check out!

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-KC Casssi