Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Nick Hexum Quintet

This week KC Cassi brings you The Nick Hexum Quintet!

1. What was the biggest inspiration with forming the new project?

Well, I've been a huge fan of jazz as well as jam bands for a long time.  My brother, Zack and I had been wanting to put something to explore those styles.  It's fun to go off into uncharted territory and when an audience goes with you it can be really magical.  

2. What were / are your goals for this new project?

I wanted to get into new sounds and arrangements.  Combining hollowbody guitars with organ and sax was a goal as well as getting into more complex writing styles with new writers.  Most importantly I wanted to have fun which it sure has been so far.

3. For fellow 311 fans, what do you want them to know that’s different about the new quintet?

Well, 311 does heavy really well so the quintet is an outlet to go into lighter and funkier styles.  

4. Explain your song writing process for this new project.

I had been doing co-writes for other people and I really learned about how to sit down and hammer out a song in one or two sessions.  Every song on 'My Shadow Pages' were collaborations with various writers and friends I had met around town.  I learned so much from Zack and the rest of them that that made it a success in just how much I learned.

5. How long was this project in the making?

It was going on in the background for most of 2012 so about a year off and on.  Most people didn't know I was doing it which is partly the inspiration for the title "My Shadow Pages."  It took place in the shadows without an expectations.

6. If you could just jam on stage with any artists, who would they be?

John Scofield, Trey Anastasio, Carlos Santana, and Charlie Hunter to name a few.

7. If you could sit under a table and listen to any two people have a conversation (dead or alive) who would they be and why?

I would like to have listened to Mozart be taught piano and conducting at the age of four so I could learn how to do it right with my kids!

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