Thursday, December 12, 2013

iTipMusic, here and NOW for you!

As we deal with companies more and more with the radio station we are always careful about who we select to partner up with when it comes to business. When we meet Rusty with iTipMusic we knew it was a match made in heaven. iTipMusic shares the same passion as we do when it comes to music, big or small. We like to look ahead in what is coming next for music and how we can share it to the masses.

So one of our CEO's Jake A Stewart sat down with Rusty Alexander, to go over some questions more about iTipMusic and Rusty and how it all got started. Make sure to check out our website our for more info and on how to get started.

1. Where did the idea for the iTip Music come from?   The idea for iTipmusic came one night in Nashville at dinner with Dave Fenley. Dave, being a struggling musician for many years, wanted to help bands and fans alike by providing a more modern way to facilitate donations. He presented the concept to me and with that, iTipMusic was born.

2. Is this your first app for music? Yes, until recently we have focused on other applications to bridge gaps in the consumer/supplier arenas. Everyone involved with iTipmusic however is either musicians or huge fans of the industry. It’s been incredibly fun to develop, I’m pretty sure it won’t be our last thing we do fir the industry. Actually, I’m very sure.
3. What is your ultimate goal with iTip Music? To change the world, at least the “music world”. When speaking to many musicians one of their biggest challenges is staying properly funded. Things like album recording, travel and equipment are costs that have all risen lately. Yet, their ability to gather funds from live shows has decreased. iTipmusic will help change that. As different ways to release music become easier, being properly funded becomes more and more important. 

4. How do local acts take advantage of the App? It’s easy, the app is free to download from iTunes or Google Play. With the new release days away, it will even be easier to implement. After the band sets up their account on then they ill be ready to accept funds from app users in the audience. Cleared funds cumulate in your account until the band makes a withdrawal. Withdrawals can come to the bands via check by mail, direct deposit or a reload-able Visa. Collected fund can be split amongst band members in the system too, so each band member can receive their share separately. Further details can be found on our website.  

5. Last but not least, we always have to ask a strange question. If you where stranded on an island with no hopes of ever getting of the island. If you could have an endless supply of 3 things, what would they be and why? Humm, tough one! Well, Music, because I’d die of boredom without it, Ice Cream, because I’m pretty sure you could live on it for a good long while. SunScreen, because I sunburn easily.