Friday, March 21, 2014

Have Some Tea with Red Line Chemistry | Tug of War Album Review

There is no doubt that one of the most well known local bands out of Kansas City is Red Line Chemistry. These 5 guys are not only a staple in KC music but are just some all around good dudes. I have had the pleasure to chat with a few of them and they even took home the very first KC Cassi Honors for Rock Band of the Year in 2013! I had the pleasure of reviewing "Tug of War" in May 2013 for Metalholic Magazine and it has probably been in my play list rotation ever since. However, even though I know these guys and their weird humor the rest of the world doesn't. Let's sit down and have some tea with the guys from Red Line Chemistry and get some answers to questions we ALL want to know.

(Interview held with Tom Brown, Bassist of Red Line Chemistry)

KCC: How will your new project differ from Tug of War? 

RLC: Not really sure.  We learned a lot while recording Tug Of War, and we'll definitely apply that to future writing.

KCC: What's your favorite venue you've played and what's the venue you'd love to play? 

RLC: Favorite venue would probably be the Warfield Theater in San Francisco.  EVERYBODY has played there, and it's a beautiful theater.

KCC: Name 4 influences of the sound and direction of Red Line Chemistry: 

RLC: From what we've been told (ALL THE TIME) - Alice In Chains, Tool, STP and a little Loggins and Messina

KCC: Is everyone pretty much a rocker at heart or are their songs/genres you listen to that would surprise your fans? 

RLC: I listen to a lot of Big Band.  Brett and I both like pop.  Dave is really big into Taylor Swift.

KCC: What's your goal for 2014? 

RLC: Attend more Chiefs games

KCC: What advice would you give to bands just starting out that look up to you? 

RLC: Rethink your role models

KCC: For fun: if you could watch any two celebrities (dead or alive) box in a ring, who would they be? 

RLC: Beiber and Miley Cyrus.  It's a win/win scenario

KCC: What can we look forward to in 2014 from RLC? (Tours, CDs, new music?)

RLC: That's a tricky question to answer, so I would like to flip it and ask what we can expect from YOU in 2014?  Honestly, look for us to branch out a bit, individually.  We all have things we want to experiment with, and this is the year to do so.

KCC: What events do you have coming up you'd really love see pushed hard and promoted well for you?

RLC: Events?  Hmmm….  See Question 8.

KCC: Tell us a "this one time, on tour" story!

RLC: This one time on tour, I told Tom Morello he was obviously a Republican because RATM only took break while Bush was in office and reunited when Obama came in.  2 minutes later, Aaron Lewis told me he didn't know if I was a genius, or wasted.  Later that night, Brett and Wes Scantlin had a little "incident".  Good times. 

You probably couldn't detect the hint of sarcasm and smart-assness in the interview huh? I forgave Tom for taking over 3 weeks to get the answers back to me because not only are they local, but they support local. Their lives, families and friends are here and no matter where Red Line Chemistry seems to go, they bring Kansas City with them. 

Love, Peace and Musical Peace - KC Cassi

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