Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tim "The Godfather" Stubbs

    Well at I Do What I Want Radio, we have a Street Team like many other stations to get the word out on the streets about what’s going on. We wanted to take a different approach when it came to this, if there was someone who enjoyed the station who was in “No mans land”. Why couldn’t they get the benefits like someone else that is doing hard online social media work.

    Now even though the person you are about to meet is in our HQ of Kansas City, Missouri. This person shows what it takes to get the job done.

“The Godfather”

JS: So Tim let's give everyone a chance to get to know you. Why are you "The Godfather" of the I Do What I Want Radio Street Team?

 So basically I am The Godfather because I was one of the first people that  was asked to start the street team when we started. And being I am one of the most active and dedicated members I got nicknamed The Godfather. 

JS: How Committed to the team are you, what drives you?

 Ahhh the dedication. I consider myself fully dedicated to street team as well as the station itself. At any given time you can find me telling someone new about us and what we do. It's a lot of fun and the different people you meet is amazing. Also because I feel people have such a deep connection with music like I do, it makes my job a little easier not counting a the concerts I get to see and everything I’m involved in.

JS: How do you find it best to promote the station, events, and concerts?

I feel one of the best ways to promote is just get out and talk to people. I have been spreading the news since before we launched over almost 2 years ago. And I tell everyone about the station. Usually people I know hear I am a part of the station and they ask me what it is all about. So I tell them we play every genre of music so everyone can listen and enjoy. I use Facebook a lot too but just getting out and passing out fliers and talking to people seems to travel faster.

JS: What do you normally tell people about the station that has never heard of I Do What I Want Radio?

I tend to tell people the same thing. Basically we are an internet radio station that plays something for everyone. If there is something you want played drop us a line. Or if you are a musician, send us your music. We play what people want to hear without repeating the same 20 songs all day and night. 

JS: What does it mean to you to have Street Team ethics?

Street team ethics to me is respecting the name and being on point when we are out at events and concerts. Yes we like to have fun but we also like to work. It's all about passion. If you aren't passionate about what you do you will never enjoy it. 

JS: Last but not least Godfather, how many golf balls can fit into a 747?

32,174 golf balls will fill a 747. (Laughing) But on a serious note, which is rare from most of us, I enjoy being a part of I Do What I Want Radio and the street team. I have met a bunch of awesome people and feel like I am part of the family. And if you haven't gave us a listen The Godfather will find you and have you dealt with appropriately. 

JS: With all do respect I’m thinking you used Google or Bing to help with the 747 question, lol. But if you have read this and you find yourself wanting to be a little more involved in the Station, or in the Street Team please let us know.