Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kontrolled Substance, local Kansas City based business. BLOWING UP!


Kontrolled Substance is not a DRUG it's a LIFESTYLE! SUCCESS comes in many unique forms. Kontrolled Substance is portrayed as what you want and need in your life. Whatever GOAL, ASPIRATION, or OVERALL ACCOMPLISHMENTS you want is what your ADDICTION should be. Success is a drug that should be depended upon. Looking for SUCCESS???? Let us be your dealer!!!!

Q: What do you admire and what do you take from that to put in the founders/leadership of KS?
A:  I admire the people who go after whatever they want and stick with it. Goals and ambition is something I always want to have. That is something I have used to mold Kontrolled Substance into what it has become.
As far as leadership goes we try to be good people and people love us, we don’t know why they just do. We go out and we are ourselves and don’t give the attitude or arrogance people expect. I am my own person as are my partners. We all like different things but we have a lot in common and we all take charge in some way. There are times we get overwhelmed and slack off but we got each other to put ourselves in check and get back on the grind.
 Q: Do you believe in the product the company provides and why?
A: I believe in the product because it is something that everyone can relate to. Success is something everyone wants in some way. To have a brand that can do that and remain fashionable was always the goal, and it seems to be doing well in both areas.

Q: Is the culture and environment a good fit for your personality/work style?
A:It actually is, we gain inspiration from everywhere. Music is a good example of where we get or muse from. I like to think collections like albums. We work with different graphic designers each time and it’s a new theme for every season and has a new story to tell. I also never want to bring out something I would never wear myself. It has to be a part of you in everything that you do. I will say that it opens me up to be more open to new things.
Q: The company has had impressive traction/success, what makes you want to be better than yesterday?
A: Honestly it’s being humble. We go out and we see people wearing it and they don’t even know we created it. That pushes us to say ok how we can one up that. We never get comfortable and feel like we made it. The brand would never stand true if we rode the wave of one high so to speak. Eventually there will be a low point but I hope it’s no time soon. With anything it takes work and dedication, from the looks of it if we keep it up we will be here for a while.
Q: We always ask one silly question at the end, So if you had to eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

A: Man I would say Chipotle. We LOVE that place. Heaven in a bowl haha. If that place ever closes I don’t know what we would do haha.
Twitter: @ksubstance
Facebook: kontrolledsubstance