Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Meet Kala Masters

"We've recently had the pleasure of speaking with the lovely Kala Masters. Her sultry sound and passionate lyrics make her an artist to look out for. When IDWIW Radio wanted to know more about her, this is what she had to say"

1. Word on the street is that you taught yourself how to play the guitar. What made you decide to pick it up for the first time?

When I was 8 I wanted to start a 70's band with my friend on the drums and sister on the keyboard. None of us actually knew how to play instruments, or had any, so I begged my parents for a guitar. I took about 4 lessons then got bored with it and gave up my lifelong dream of starring in an oldies band. I didn't think about my guitar again until I heard the song Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley. I just remember thinking the guitar sounded so beautiful that I needed to learn to play it myself.

2. When I first heard your music, the first word that came to mind was "sultry". Usually, an artist your age wouldn't be described as such. Where does the passion come from?

I draw a lot of influence from Lana Del Rey's music. I absolutely love her voice and lyrics. When I write my music I rarely focus it on things in my life because I'm only 17 so I don't have much experience. Instead, a lot of the material in my songs are things I've seen in the media. I'm also not a big fan of talking so singing is my way of expressing my thoughts and opinions.

3. "Come With Me" is set to be the first single you release after production. What inspired you to write this particular song and how would you like the world to receive it?

I didn't want to write a typical song about love and life, I wanted to write something more interesting--a song that would take you on a journey. Once I had the first line down the rest basically wrote itself. When I listen to the song it makes me want to Interpretive dance through a beach into the sunset. I suppose that's how I want people to receive it.

4. I've listened to your songs and you have a very nice range. Have you had any vocal training or is all this incredible talent natural?

I actually only started singing a little over a year ago. It was a surprise to myself and every one else. I never knew I could sing. I haven't had vocal coaching, my producer has helped me a bit but I've learned the most from listening to the voices of other artists like Lana Del Rey and Adele.

5. What kind of artist do you see yourself becoming in the future?

I'm really open to anything. I could see my self in front of twenty thousand people with back up dancers and fireworks or in front of ten people at a bar.

6. Has anyone ever told you that you sound like someone that's currently on the radio?

Haha yes actually. Every one who's commented to me on my songs has said exactly that and it continues to surprise me.

7. You're a beautiful young woman and talented singer/songwriter. If I was asked to describe what you do and who you are, what would you want me to say?

Honestly I don't know what I would call myself. I'm just a normal girl following her passion.

8. I Do What I Want Radio set up your first show for you. What was it like sharing your music on stage?

It was certainly different than anything I've ever experienced. I've never sang in front of many people before so I really enjoyed getting to share my music with more people.

9. As I said before, you're beautiful so the guys are going to be crawling all over as your name gets out there. Do you have a message for them before they even bother approaching you?

I'm pretty quiet so I'm not used to all the attention. But I say bring it on.

10. One last thing: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Thanks for supporting me, it means a lot. And I love performing for you!

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Write up by: Dwayne Drayton